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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Jean reacts to Theresa May’s speech on Brexit

17 January 2017

Speaking today following the Prime Minister Theresa May’s speech on Brexit, Jean Lambert Green MEP for London, said

“Theresa May had a range of options as to how to shape Brexit; she has deliberately chosen to interpret the referendum along the lines of the most staunch leave-campaigners. Her threat that the UK could slash taxes to poach investment if the EU fails to offer the UK a good trade deal risks painful consequences for my constituents of London and all those in the UK as valuble European social and environmental protections would fall victim to this policy.

While her commitment to Parliament having a vote on the final deal is to be welcomed, her hardline stance will pose serious difficulties for Scotland and Northern Ireland, where the majority voted to stay in the EU. She must furthermore commit to guaranteeing the rights of EU nationals living in Britain, and of British citizens who have chosen to make their home elsewhere in the EU – people’s lives are not to be used as a bargaining chip”.