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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Jean on One Day Without Us: “I stand in solidarity with migrants across the UK”

17 February 2018

Today is One Day Without Us – a chance to celebrate the contribution of migrants and migration to the UK.

Jean Lambert, London’s Green MEP, sent a statement of support:

“On 1 Day Without Us, I want to celebrate all the Londoners who were born outside the UK. These individuals account for almost 40% of the workforce in the capital, including 25% of skilled NHS staff, 40% of those working in financial services, 50% in construction, and an immense 70% in hospitality.

As family members, friends, colleagues and neighbours, they are an integral part of the fabric of our city. That’s why I’m so horrified to witness the increasingly toxic tone of the public debate around migration, which has made so many people feel anxious and unwelcome.

It’s deeply alarming that so much of this negative sentiment can be traced back to our own Government ministers, who regularly blame migrants for social and economic problems they did not cause.

This narrative serves to legitimise a raft of  Government policies – its constant flip-flopping on EU nationals’ rights, its callous “hostile environment”, and the endless stream of Home Office administrative errors that make migrants feel victimised and unappreciated.

This ideologically-driven approach is not only deluded but dangerous.

Today is a chance to refocus this debate. I stand in solidarity with migrants across the UK, and with all those who treasure our vibrant, diverse and open society.”