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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Jean launches ‘Counter-Islamophobia Kit’ in the European Parliament

26 July 2018

Today Jean Lambert MEP hosted an invent, in partnership with the Anti-Racism and Diversity Intergroup (ARDI), to launch a Commission-funded project: the ‘Counter-Islamophobia Kit’. [1]

The project seeks to identify the dominant anti-Muslim narratives employed in Europe, and compares the use and efficacy of prevailing counter-narratives to Islamophobia across eight EU Member States (the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Portugal and Greece).

This is the largest project of its kind ever conducted, aiming to outline the most effective ways of countering anti-Muslim hate across Europe.

Jean chaired a conference at the European Parliament to launch the ‘toolkit’, and recorded a video discussing the findings and purpose of the report with two of the lead researchers – Professor Sayyid of the University of Leeds, and Arzu Merali of the Islamic Human Rights Commission.

Watch the video of Jean in conversation with the report’s researchers here.