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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Jean slams Theresa May’s “Frankenstein’s monster” of a Brexit deal

14 November 2018

Today the Cabinet approved Theresa May’s negotiated Brexit deal. [1] Jean Lambert, London’s Green MEP, slammed the “Frankenstein’s monster of a deal”, warning it will roll-back citizens’ rights, workers’ rights and an array of other protections.

Jean explained:

“We now know what Theresa May really wants to achieve from leaving the EU. It’s not growing the UK’s economy, striking new trade deals, or providing a brighter future for young people – it’s ending free movement, despite the immense body of evidence confirming this is neither logical nor practical.
As a direct result, we’ve ended up with a Frankenstein’s monster of a deal, stitched together under two different Brexit Secretaries – both of whom have now dismissed it as an abject failure. It’s a deal that has been carefully crafted to appease the conservatory deregulatory interests that have been driving this entire process from within the Tory Party. Yet, it doesn’t even achieve that.
If this agreement is implemented, it will roll-back citizens’ rights, workers’ rights and an array of protections we have fought hard to secure for all EU citizens, in exchange for a flimsy free trade agreement that satisfies no one.
Meanwhile, the Labour Party continues to bicker and stare at this open goal rather than doing its job, and providing an opposition.
The British people deserve better than this. I stand with the growing proportion of the population who demand a People’s Vote.”