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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

On World Refugee Day, Jean films Q&A with inspirational new Green MEPs working for refugee rights

20 June 2019

Jean Lambert, London’s Green MEP, has worked hard to reform the EU’s broken asylum system over the past 20 years. On World Refugee Day, Jean hosted a Q&A with three incoming Green MEPs who are committed to continuing this fight and improving EU asylum policy over the coming five years: Erik Marquardt, Damien Careme and Alice Bah Kuhnke.

Erik is a German photojournalist who has spent time traveling along the refugee route from Afghanistan to Europe. He has also worked with the incredible Sea Watch search and rescue team, helping to save thousands from drowning in the Mediterranean.

Damien has been the Mayor of Grand-Synthe in Northern France since 2001. The area, which is near Dunkirk, received thousands of refugees in 2015/16. Without any funding from the French Government, Damien worked with the NGO Doctors Without Borders to build a relatively safe and clean humanitarian camp for refugees in the area.

Meanwhile, Alice served as the Swedish Minister for Culture and Democracy until January this year, working on issues including refugee integration, and combating racism and hate crimes.

The panel discussed some big questions: Why is it so difficult to secure progressive changes to EU asylum policy? Why do people continue to risk their lives to reach the EU? How can we stop the trend towards criminalising humanitarian aid workers in the coming years? And how can we ensure that integration programmes work for Member States, as well as refugees?

Watch the full 15 minute discussion above, or on YouTube here.