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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Issue: Environment

As a Green MEP Jean is naturally concerned with environmental issues and their linkage to a whole range of policy areas. Through her work in the European Parliament and in London, Jean aims to ensure that the environment and sustainability are taken into account across the board, and that they are given a high priority in policy decisions.

Although Jean is not a member of the Parliament’s Environment Committee she works on environmental issues through her membership of other Committees and activities in London. For example:

  • Jean introduces environmental concerns into the work of the Employment and Social Affairs Committee under the sustainability umbrella looking at the links between social inclusion, employment and the environment.
  • Sitting on the Petitions Committee Jean comes into contact with the environment related complaints of European citizens such as non-implementation by member states of the environmental impact assessment directives.
  • Jean has worked on issues surrounding citizens access to environmental information in planning procedures.

Jean Lambert on the Environment

Jean Lambert discusses the UK’s failure to meet EU air quality standards and the work of the Green MEPs to improve public transport in London and across Europe.