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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Issue: Aviation

In 2014 Jean submitted a joint response to a major Government consultation on airport expansion. In her response, she highlighted the impact of aviation on meeting our climate change targets and on local communities. She also submitted a response to a separate consultation on state aid for aviation, in which they called for an end to state subsidies to the aviation industry.

Jean also responded to a government consultation on night flights by demanding a ban on all night flights landing or taking off from UK airports.

Heathrow and the third runway

Jean has been active in the campaign against a third runway at Heathrow.

She has also raised this issue in letters to local newspapers, highlighting the fact that the negative environmental impact of the third runway will have a detrimental impact on quality of life across the capital, and not just in the boroughs immediately around the airport. Jean has pointed out that the air around Heathrow already contains dangerously high levels of pollutants, far exceeding EU limits – the third runway will bring an extra 220,000 flights to Heathrow every year.