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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Issue: Disability

In her work in London, as well as in the European Parliament’s Employment and Social Affairs Committee in Brussels, Jean takes a particular interest in measures to improve social inclusion.

In London Jean meets regularly with representatives from borough councils and community organisations, and with policy advisors from the London Skills Forecasting Unit and the successors to the old training and enterprise councils, to discuss the specifics of social exclusion in London and what is being done to combat it.

Jean continues to help Greens in London develop policy in this area and get it onto the regional and national political agenda. Jean brings this familiarity with the London situation to Parliamentary work in Brussels.

Integrating Social Inclusion and Environment

Jean has published a report on “Integrating Social Inclusion and Environment.” The report concludes that we must meet the needs of socially excluded groups in the formulation of joined-up and sustainable development policies. Training young people and including them in the design of this training is an integral part not only of combating social exclusion but can also provide significant opportunity to shape future environmental citizens, entrepreneurs and employees.

Click here to download the report

European Year of People with Disabilities – 2003

There are over 37 million people with disabilities in the European Union. In 2003, the European Commission and the disability movement organised the European Year of People with disabilities, to highlight barriers and discrimination and to improve the lives for those of us who have a disability.

The European Commission organised a major event, called the People’s March. Starting in January 2003 in Athens, a specially designed European Year bus travelled through the 15 EU member countries, with disabled children, their friends and allies accompanying the bus on its journey.’ The disability community in each country organised events along the bus’s route.

Besides the march, there were thousands of activities such as street festivals, competitions and demonstrations that took place in towns and villages throughout Europe.