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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Issue: Free Movement

As a Member of the Committee on Social and Employment Affairs, Jean has worked on and input to many reports relating to free movement of EU nationals around the EU, helping break down barriers that may prevent a French person moving to, being employed in, paying tax and receiving benefits in Latvia for example or a British person moving to Spain doing the same.

Crucially, in 2009, she authored the piece of EU legislation that saw a major overhaul of the coordination of social security systems across the EU.

Now all EU citizens can request information about their social security status when moving within the EU and this information should furthermore be automatically sent to posted workers, who may be working in another EU country for a specific time period.

This means that as a minimum, if you move to another EU country, you can be sure which country’s (the one you used to live in or the one you have moved to) system is covering you. The regulation’s basic principle is clear however; when in a cross-border situation, you generally have equal treatment with nationals of the EU country in which you are working or living and only one system applies.

Jean wrote a useful article on how the EU is working on the web of different social security systems that exist in the EU and how to make it easier for people to move and be treated fairly no matter which country they go to, which can be found here: