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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Issue: Democracy and Electoral Reform

Jean is very concerned about political engagement and ensuring that everyone has a right to influence who governs them. For more information on Jean’s work on democracy around the world see Jean’s issue pages on Third Countries and International Relations.

In the UK, Jean is very active in calling for voting reform to bring about a fairer system for electing representatives than the existing First Past The Post system. Jean is a Director of Make Votes Count, a coalition of organisations set up to campaign for a referendum on a more representative voting system. Its goal is to reform the House of Commons with a voting system that balances the principles of:

  • Broad proportionality
  • Stable government
  • Extending voter choice
  • Maintaining a constituency link.

Jean hosted a meeting at the Green Party conference in September 2009 with representatives from Make Votes Count, the Electoral Reform Society and Compass to address what can be done to improve the current voting system. See below a short video from this event.