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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Issue: Cuts, Austerity and Poverty

The financial crash of 2008 was precipitated by the near-collapse of Europe’s banking sector. But public money was soon found to shore it up, and we’ve new seen five years of public service cuts, enforced austerity measures, unemployment and increased poverty to pay for it.

Jean feels this is unacceptable, and has campaigned hard with the Coalition of Resistance and the People’s Assembly to increase public spending and decrease poverty – here in London and beyond.

Jean is a member of the cross-party anti-poverty Intergroup, which exists to hold EU powers to account when they fail to address poverty.

Here she discusses the need for a stable welfare state, and, below, the true cost of poverty.

Jean has worked tirelessly to defend her London constituents from the austerity measures wreaking havoc across Europe. She has joined residents in protesting against cuts at home, and fought in Brussels against cuts in the EU budget which would affect Europe’s poorest people.

In the European Parliament Jean drafted a report with recommendations aimed to ensure that Europe’s most vulnerable residents are protected from austerity. The report, which was passed by the European Parliament, sent a clear message to all EU governments that austerity measures and cuts should be evaluated to ensure they do not prevent the most vulnerable from being able to access healthcare, care services, and basic living support.

Jean has also visited a number of advice services and food banks in London to see for herself the effects of increasing poverty in the capital.