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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Issue: Air Pollution

Air quality in London is an urgent issue. Recent figures estimate a staggering 4,300 people in the capital die prematurely every year because of exposure to air pollution – that’s far higher than the previously believed figure of just 1,000. Jean has been a relentless campaigner on this issue, raising awareness of the situation and holding the British Government to account for its failure to take necessary action.

In 2009, Jean helped launch the Clean Air in London campaign, which continues to put pressure on the European Commission to stand firm against the UK’s pitiful air quality. The Government has consistently failed to commit to the EU directive on air quality and last year Jean welcomed news that the European Commission would begin legal action against the UK for breached of air quality standards.

Jean has raised this issue with letters to the local press, highlighting the worst sites in London for air pollution, and an article on the Guardian’s Comment is Free site. Jean has also authored a report “Air Pollution: London’s Unseen Killer” which you can download from here.