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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Issue: Housing

London suffers from one of the biggest housing crises in Europe. There are insufficient homes to go round: affordable housing simply isn’t being built fast enopugh, and many of those homes that are being built are being bought up as investments by foreign businesses.

The London Green Party recently launched a campaign on the issue, summed up in this video – ‘Crumbs for Londoners’:

In short, we need a housing policy that makes providing homes for Londoners a priority.

As well as adequate housing, we need decent housing – in particular we need to upgrade much of London’s Victorian housing stock to make it properly energy-efficient, insulated and, where possible, taking advantage of any opportunities for domestic renewable energy generation, to cut energy bills, give us warmer homes – and play our part in tackling climate change. Back in …. Jean published a report, ‘Hothouses’, examining this issue – and London’s housing stock – in more depth. You can download a copy here.