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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Useful links

Here’s a few links you may find of use: they’re not certainly not meant to be anything like exhaustive!

Advice and Guidance for Citizens

European Citizens Action Service (ECAS)
ECAS is a non-governmental organisation providing services to EU citizens, including funding guidance for NGOs and civil society, freedom of movement and citizens’ rights, and transparency and access to documents.

Current Affairs Databases

Guardian Unlimited
One of the most extensive databases of articles and links on everything you can think of!

BBC Online
Another good source of information about all sorts of issues

Democracy and Civil Liberties

News and database covering issues of the state, civil liberties and openness. Statewatch’s work covers, for example, freedom of information, security and intelligence, the law and the European courts, etc.

Election World
Parliamentary election results from around the world.

Election Resources
Mainly links to national / regional election results sites.


A Europe wide network providing information on EU funding and mobility opportunities for young people and those who work with them.

European Parliament
The European Parliament’s homepage. From here you can get to the homepages of the political groups, news from the Parliament, information about MEPs and much more.

European Parliament UK Offices:

European Commission
A very useful source of information about all aspects of the EU including news, how to get funding, policy briefs and discussions about the future of Europe.

Your Voice in Europe
This European Commission website shows citizens, consumers and businesses how they can be actively involvd in the Commission’s policy-making process. This is part of the Commission’s Interactive Policy Making initiative.

How to get EU Funding EU Commission Guide
The grants, funds and programmes by EU Policy.

EU Observer
Easy-to-read online newspaper covering EU affairs. Includes links to national newspaper articles

Agence News
Daily, detailed news of developments in all policy areas

European Voice
Weekly Brussels newspaper covering EU events (and gossip!) It also contains job adverts.


Greens EFA
Green Group in the European Parliament

Green Party of England and Wales

European Federation of Green Parties

Scottish Green Party

Keith Taylor MEP
Keith Taylor is the Green Member of the European Parliament for the South East of England.

Caroline Lucas
Caroline Lucas is the Green Member of Parliament for Brighton Pavilion

UK Government

Government Website
Main UK Government website

Department for The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
DEFRA – one department covering the interests of farners and the countryside, the environment and the rural economy, the food we eat, the air we breath and the water we drink.

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Department For Work and Pensions

Animal Protection

Compassion In World Farming
Organisation campaigning to end intensive and inhumane farming practices. Providing information on alternative farming methods and the damage / risk of present methods.

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Campaigning for exactly this. Extends to agricultural sector, domestic animals and wild animals. Reports and information available.

World Horse Welfare
An international charity dedicated to caring for horses. Every day around 100,000 horses are transported in terrible conditions across Europe for slaughter. The Make a Noise campaign is calling for an end to this practice.

Asylum, Refugees and Migration

Amnesty International

European Council of Refugees and Exiles (ECRE)
Resource covering everything to do with refugees and asylum-seekers in 28 countries in Europe, including legal aspects, links to member organisations, policy…

Refugee Net
A resource related to the integration of refugees in Europe, this is a useful database of information on themes such as education, employment, vocational training, health, housing and community integration.

UK Home Office
UK government website, detailing government policy on dealing with asylum and immigration, and including updates on recent concerns brought forward by members of the public and organisations. Links to government White Papers.


Greenpeace campaigns on current issues affecting the environment on all scales. Offering campaign advice and access to research articles on alternative development possibilities. It also campaigns for world peace.

National Trust Environment and Conservation
UK National Trust website for the conservation of places of historical interest or natural beauty. Also information on current environmental issues such as agriculture in Britain and sustainable development. Details and reports on current and past projects.

Human Rights and Civil Liberties

Amnesty International
A mine of information about human rights throughout the world. News and reports on issues including the death penalty, women’s rights, the right to a fair trial, torture.

Dalit Solidarity Network
A network of individuals. groups, movemnets and agencies working in solidarity with Dalit communities in India.

National Campaign of Dalit Human Rights
Information and campaign on the situation of the Dalit (untouchable) caste in India – 260 million people denied basic human rights.


International Alert
Organisation promoting non-violent resolution of conflict and addressing some catalysts of violent conflict- such as arms trading- and human rights violations (individual and collective) subsequent to violent conflict.

Jean’s Organisations

Additionally, Jean is involved with a number of London and Brussels-based organisations working on several issues. A few of these are listed below. Do contact Jean’s office for more information!


Liberty – Council Member –

Peace in Kurdistan – Patron –

Ice&Fire Theatre – Patron –

Hackney Community Law Centre – Patron –

Dalit Solidarity Network (DSN) UK – Trustee –

Carefree Kids – Patron –

Campaign Against Climate Change – advisory group member –

Clean Air in London – founder supporter –