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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Brexit & Free Movement Hub

I have always supported free movement of people and believe this freedom to travel, live, work, and retire in other EU member states to be one of the greatest achievements of the European Union project.

As Britain begins the process of leaving the European Union, I feel tremendous sadness at the loss of opportunities that will result for Britons by ending this relationship. I also feel sadness at how Britain could lose such richness in terms of talent and vitality by restricting those who come to these shores.

I am, however, determined to ensure that those who have come to the UK from other EU countries in the past and built a life here, contributed economically, culturally, socially, who put down roots and started families here – as was their right to do so – have their rights protected. Yes, Britain will no longer be a part of the European Union, but those who came in good faith to the UK and those Britons who did likewise and set up home in other EU countries, should not be penalised for the new landscape in which they find themselves.

Since the EU referendum vote, I have been working to ensure their voices are heard and that genuine solutions are found. This has been done working both at EU and UK level, and using a number of different tools to raise awareness, and to assure people that we the Greens stand with them.

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