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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Issue: Trafficking

The trafficking of women and children for sexual exploitation is a high-profit, low-risk trade dominated by organised criminals. It results in women and children being exploited in slavery-like conditions in the UK’s – but chiefly London’s – sex industry, for the use and abuse of British men.

Jean has continued to work to stop such horrific practise and stamp out slavery.

Silent Slavery

Jean co-hosted a conference ‘Silent Slavery: stop the trafficking of women and children for sexual exploitation in London’ with Jenny Jones AM (Green Party Member, London Assembly)

It was an opportunity for those who work in this area to share their experiences: European experts, NGOs, police officers, immigration officers, women’s and children’s campaign groups and organizations. We also welcomed the views of elected leaders, sex-workers’ support groups, health and welfare officers.

Read a speech on tackling human trafficking from Jean, which details some of the work done on this issue in the European Parliament.