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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Issue: Migration

The future of asylum and immigration policies is a focal issue in all European countries.

Jean is an acknowledged expert in the field of asylum and refugees and is involved in the Parliament’s work on developing EU policy, contributing to the debate in the UK and fighting for the rights of Asylum seekers in London, the UK and globally.

Jean has been and continues to be involved in a number of events throughout the UK in support of Asylum Seekers in their quest for safety and fair treatment and continues to keep this issue as a main priority throughout her work.

“I believe that we need to be clear that the asylum system in Europe should not be about deterrence, sufferance and an attitude of “you’re lucky to be here, be grateful for what you’re given”. We need to link our asylum policy not only to fair treatment and justice but development.” Jean Lambert MEP

Jean Lambert on Migration

Jean Lambert explores the reasons why people move abroad and the benefits of migration for the UK and Europe.