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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Jean’s Issues

Being involved with such a wide selection of Committees in the European Parliament and representing such a diverse constituency Jean’s work touches on a variety of subjects and issues affecting people all over the world.

Below are the main areas of interest that dominate Jean’s Parliamentary and constituency activities. Please click on an area of interest for more information.

Climate Change

Green Party MEPs have been challenging policymakers to take Climate Change seriously and reform their approach to energy policy for many years.

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Jobs, Economy, Public Services

Jean believes our economy must be focused on contributing to fairness and sustainability, or managing resources effectively.

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Protecting the land, air and sea that we share is at the heart of Green politics, cutting across all policy areas.

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Equality and Discrimination

Europe is stronger when it is based on mutual cultural respect, dignity and equality. Jean has been a strong voice helping shape laws to tackle discrimination.

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Human & Civil Rights

Human rights are universal. They are not divisible, they are not negotiable and they are not applicable only to certain groups.

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As a Green MEP, Jean believes that the European Parliament should operate as a positive force for peace throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

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The EU matters. Greens believe in greater democratic control, but also in solidarity and strong co-operation across Europe on issues that know no borders.

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From fair trade to the impact of climate change, to the plight of those living with conflict - Jean works on many international issues.

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As a Londoner, Jean is proud to represent this diverse, multi-cultural city - and make sure issues that affect its residents are on the table in Brussels.

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Green MEPs have a strong record in opposing cruelty and improving standards for animals.

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Refugees and migration

How the UK benefits from migration, and why asylum policy should be linked to fair treatment, justice and development.

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