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I Must Work Harder? Britain And The Working Time Directive

The report looks into Britain’s long hours culture and the emerging side effects it is having on today’s society. Given the report’s findings, Jean makes the point that removing the opt-out from the Working Time Directive not only reduces the costs to society and the economy – it also makes good business sense! Download here: […]

Published February 1, 2006

Working Time

Jean Lambert is Green Party Co-ordinator for the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs. She is in constant talks with policy makers, NGOs and workers organisations on the issue of working time and continues to highlight worrying working time trends in the UK. Britain and the Working Time Directive British people work some of the […]

Published March 6, 2013

Green MEP condemns decision to scale back anti-discrimination directive

– European Commission indicates that discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation, age and race or belief will no longer be covered Jean Lambert, Green MEP for London, has condemned the European Commission’s apparent decision to end its plans to protect people against discrimination on grounds of age and sexual orientation. Having committed to bringing forward […]

Published April 22, 2008

Green MEP Welcomes ECJ Ruling Over Working Time Law

UK Green MEP Jean Lambert has today welcomed the European Court of Justice ruling that the UK Government are breaking the law by not forcing employers to give staff rest breaks between shifts. Jean, who is Green MEP for London the region where people work some of the most excessive hours, has continued to campaign […]

Published September 7, 2006

Why social Europe matters

Jean gave the following speech at the European Green Party Copenhagen Summit, on Saturday 12 May 2012. We have heard in Emilie Turunen’s excellent speech this afternoon that social Europe is not yet dead; there is vision. But we should also be aware that there are some very nasty things going on in parts of […]

Published May 21, 2012

Letter: UK government must not weaken labour rights

Jean’s letter about the Working Time Directive appeared in The Guardian on Tuesday, 22 November. Once again, we see a British government willing to weaken labour rights.  The existing directive already offers considerable flexibility, with an average 48 hour a week maximum over 11 weeks; recognition of emergency situations where usual rest times may […]

Published November 22, 2011