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Meet Jean Lambert MEP
Jean Lambert

Jean Lambert has been a Green Party Member of the European Parliament since 1999.  She was re-elected in 2009.  In this section you can learn about why Jean entered politics, her day-to-day work as an MEP, and the complex institution that is the European Parliament.

Jean Lambert’s biography: A concise summary of the work Jean has done since her election in 1999 and an explanation of her role in the Green Party before then. 

A day in the life of an MEP: What is it like to be an MEP? How true is the image of the 'gravy train', an endless stream of cocktails and parties? Read a description of a typical day for Jean in Brussels and her feelings about the job of an MEP. 

Q&A with Jean Lambert MEP: Jean answers the most frequently asked questions.

Photo gallery: A collection of photos of Jean's activities in the European Parliament and in London.

Jean in the European Parliament: This section tells you all about what Jean does in the European Parliament and her main priorities for her parliamentary work. Jean is a member of several Committees and cross-party groups - find out more about the work of those groups here. 

Video - Jean Lamberts role in the European Parliament
Jean Lambert London's Green MEP on her role in the European Parliament