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Watch and listen Jean debating issues such as civil liberties and social affairs in the European Parliament, making keynote speeches at various events and demonstrations and on official business.


Jean's plenary speech in Strasbourg during a debate on the Single Work Permit


Jean's plenary speech in Strasbourg on the role of social protection in combating poverty

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Jean discusses the forthcoming Qualifications Directive and what could change for LGBT people claiming asylum in the European Union.

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Jean Lambert


Find out what happens to your healthcare, your pension and your unemployment rights when you move to another EU country.

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Jean delivers the Alternative Thought for the Day on Planet Rock radio to mark Europe Day on Monday 9th May 2011

Jean addresses a press conference in Sri Lanka as Chair of the South Asia Delegation following an official tour of the country on Friday 25 February, 2011

Jean discussed the Green group's work on first pillar "pay-as-you-go" pension, Wednesday 2 February

Jean is interviewed by EuroparlTV about new EU laws governing access and rights to cross-border healthcare which the European Parliament adopted on Thursday 20 January, 2011

Jean visits Pakistan in November 2010 as Chair of the South Asia Delegation to highlight the ongoing humanitarian situation following the devastating floods last summer

Jean discusses the need to make all homes energy-efficient in a short film by Build with CaRE, of which she is an ambassador

Jean Lambert speaks at the United Against Fascism demonstration in London on Saturday 7 November

Jean's plenary speech at Strasbourg on the role of role of minimum income in combating poverty and promoting an inclusive society in Europe on October 19, 2010

Jean at a post-show Q&A session with playwright Sonja Linden and campaigner Lily Boillet following the premiere of ice and fire�s new production On a Clear Day You Can See Dover at Wilton�s Music Hall, London on July 28, 2010. The production explored the true story of destitute migrants stuck in Calais, France, who are seeking to enter the UK.

Jean discusses the Minimum Income Directive at a conference she hosted on the issue with fellow Green MEP Karima Delli in the European Parliament on September 14, 2010.

Jean's plenary speech in Strasbourg during a debate on humanitarian situation after the floods in Pakistan on September 7th.