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News and publications

As an MEP Jean continually keeps her attention on current affairs across Europe and the rest of the world. She also attends a high number of events both in the Parliament and locally in her constituency and produces a range of publications on issues of particular interest. 

Press releases: Details of Jean’s latest news, comments and activities.

Newsletters: Jean produces a regular email newsletter and a paper newsletter. Both of these are available to download.

Speeches: Jean regularly speaks at events in London, elsewhere in the UK and in Europe.  Jean’s speeches from these events as well as Plenary sessions in Parliament can be found here.

Articles: Jean often writes for publications, giving her position on issues affecting London, the UK, Europe or the rest of the World.

Events: Find out about events that Jean is keen to highlight, either hosted by the Greens or by other organisations.

Podcasts/Multimedia: Watch and listen to Jean addressing the European Parliament, speaking at events and being interviewed by journalists.

Publications: Jean's publications are listed here, from short introductory leaflets on issues to in-depth reports and consultation responses.

Letters: Jean often writes letters to national, regional and local papers in response to news stories she feels strongly about. She is also often co-signatory on letters penned by various organisations she supports

External reports: Here are listed a few external reports of particular relevance to Jean's issues.

For any media enquiries please contact Jean Lambert’s Press Office on 020 7164 2152  or