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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

EU Parliament Investigates CIA Extraordinary Rendition Flights In London

The European Parliament’s investigation into the alleged CIA extraordinary rendition flights dug even deeper today as a delegation of MEPs took evidence in London.

London’s Green MEP, Jean Lambert, who sits on the Temporary Committee of Inquiry into the CIA ‘extraordinary rendition flights’ is part of the delegation who met with alleged victims and their lawyers, as well as Geoff Hoon MP, Minster For Europe and Former Defence Secretary, during their three day visit to the Capital.

Speaking after the meeting with Geoff Hoon, Jean, who recently met with Officials in the US, commented; “The European Parliament Inquiry into the CIA ‘extraordinary rendition’ flights has answered many of the questions we started out with. It is now, however, like a jigsaw puzzle that is nearly complete, there are just a few missing pieces, questions and issues that must be addressed before we can draw a final conclusion. The delegation to London will hopefully fill these missing gaps.

“The UK Government is meant to protect our human rights but whilst they originally denied all knowledge of such activities it seems their interest may have been in simply meeting targets.

“There is no excuse for the CIA’s alleged ‘extraordinary rendition’ flights, or for torture of any kind.  We have to find out exactly what happened and why in order to ensure such events never take place again.”