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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Issue: Anti-Racism

As Vice President of the European Parliament’s Intergroup on Anti-Racism and Diversity Jean works to create a more tolerant and peaceful world for all and at the centre of that she aims to bring an end to racism forever.

Jean continues to promote international anti-racism day and has pushed for the enforcement of the EU Directive on anti-racism. Jean recognises that grass roots action will be vitally important in helping to create a more tolerant and peaceful world for us all.

She addressed a Unite Against Fascism rally in East London in 2012:




Jean Lambert supported the RISE Festival in July 2006, marking the end of London United Week (1st – 8th July 2006) and spoke of the urgent need to establish equality throughout the UK and bring an end to racism. Jean is particularly worried by the recent rise in racist sentiments and violence in the UK.

“Sadly racism is still a part of everyday life affecting so many people in different ways. It is vital that we develop a climate in which this kind of intolerance and violence is rejected outright. The UK and the rest of the EU must face up to its own prejudices before we can really make a difference. Violence is only one aspect of racism. The daily violation of people’s dignity is much broader but by ending the violence there will be a chance for a peaceful coexistence in a common society. Jean Lambert MEP

In June 2006 Jean welcomed the European Parliament resolution against racism and homophobia.