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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

London’s Green MEP Slams Blair’s Expanding Fly Zone

London’s Green MEP Jean Lambert has today slammed Tony Blair’s claim that it would be impractical to cut the use of low-cost airlines in the UK.

Jean, who has been Green MEP for London since 1999, today said that Tony Blair’s decision not to tackle the growth in flight numbers was yet another blow to his credibility on tackling climate change and simply demonstrated his true colours.

Jean Lambert MEP commented; Tony Blair’s move to support the crackdown on gas guzzling 4x4s is a welcome step forward.  He will however have to do a lot more than this to offset the additional carbon emissions that could be produced if the Government insist on going ahead with airport expansion.

“The Prime Minister seems to be keen to manage demand on 4x4s but lacks the motivation to do anything when it comes to managing expansion of air travel.  If we are to succeed in the battle against climate change we need a bit of coherent joined up thinking from Tony Blair and the rest of the UK Government.”