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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Green MEP Calls For Action To Combat Human Trafficking

“One of the greatest Human Rights abuses is having your freedom taken away and Government policy has to change now to stop this happening to the victims of trafficking” warned UK Euro MP Jean Lambert today as the Joseph Rowntree Foundation launched its new report on slavery in the UK.

Jean, who is London’s Green MEP and has been awarded for her work on Justice and Human Rights welcomed today’s report and said that even though the UK Government previously vowed to sign the European Convention against trafficking nothing has been done and their appaling approach continues.

Jean commented; “It is deeply regratable that victims of trafficking are more likely to be treated as perpertrators of a crime rather than victims.  You simply can not claim that a 15 year old, sold into a brothel, understands what they are getting into.

“The UK Government have previously promised to change their apporach and yet we have seen little action.  Human trafficking is a violation of human rights, an organised crime that recognises no boundaries and an exploitative issue that should be reflected as such in the Government’s policies.

“Employers who collude to take on victims of trafficking in the hope that a docile work force, who don’t complain or ask questions, will be cheap continue to support trafficking networks and it is vital that these are brought to an end. Not only is trafficking an issue of Human Rights but also good police work.  By prosecuting the ‘vcitims’, we are depriving police of the necessary information they need to end this modern day slavery.”