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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Capital Woman Leads The Way To A Green Future

Women across London will find true inspiration this weekend when the annual Capital Women conference takes place with London’s Green MEP, Jean Lambert, encouraging women everywhere to use their power in the home, workplace and society to really make a difference to the future.

Having been London’s Green MEP since 1999, Jean is one of London’s leading women.  Addressing the conference Jean will encouraging more women to stand up and take action in the battle against climate change.

Speaking before the conference Jean commented; “London faces many environmental threats including air pollution, traffic congestion and food quality. Climate change however is the most dominant that we must address immediately. We need to ‘climate proof’ our policy and make sure we have a coherent approach.

“There are many things that we can do to improve the situation and women everywhere will be instrumental in changes in the home, workplace and throughout society. There has however been a historical problem that women are not involved in the construction industry.  With an increasing focus on sustainable devleopmet and the Olympics and Thames Gateway Developments looming we have the perfect opportunity for women to literally build our future.”

The Capital Woman conference takes place on March 3rd 2007 from 11am – 5.30pm at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre and Central Hall Westminster.