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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

London’s Green MEP Welcomes Met’s Human Trafficking Team

London’s Green MEP Jean Lambert, has today welcomed the launch of the Metropolitan Police Human Trafficking Team, but continued in her call for victims to be provided with the support, time and aid they may need.

The UK already has four times the number of people originally estimated to be here as a result of trafficking, which Jean has said indicates that we do have a significant problem. The answer however, Jean suggests, is by providing legal support for the women, children and men who are victims of this appalling crime

Jean Lambert, who has been awarded for her work on Justice and Human Rights today said: “The moves by the Metropolitan Police to improve their knowledge and understanding of trafficking networks and to provide support to fellow police units is a really positive step forward that demonstrates how seriously the authorities are now taking this.

“There are however still pieces of the jigsaw missing.  Human trafficking is a violation of human rights, an organised crime that recognises no boundaries and an exploitative issue that is destroying lives.  To combat this we need to ensure victims of trafficking are not treated as perpetrators of the crime by providing them with legal support, time to reflect on the way forward from their ordeal and for the police to gather much needed information.

“With a dedicated team spending more time on these complex issues and networks behind Human Trafficking I hope that we can bring an end to the exploitation of people and the modern day slavery the crime has brought about.”