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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Green MEP Calls For Government’s Focussed Commitment – Not ‘Push-me, Pull-you’ Policies On Climate Change

UK Green Euro MP, Jean Lambert has today called on the UK Government for ‘a greater, more focused commitment, instead of token gestures,’ to tackle our greatest threat – climate change, ahead of the launch of the Climate Change Bill tomorrow (Tuesday 13th March).

As Green MEP for London, where at 37% levels of damaging emissions from the domestic sector are higher than that from transport, Jean previously slammed the Government’s attempts to go ‘green’ when funding for one month of the Carbon Buildings Programme ran out in just 75 minutes.

Today Jean insisted that the UK is making progress to tackle climate change but still has many adjustments to make.  Jean commented; “The dangers of climate change are escalating at a rate which should cause us all the most serious alarm.  The longer we delay changing our lifestyles and behavior, the worse the consequences will be.  The urgency demanded by the threat of climate change requires a greater more focused commitment – not push-me, pull-you policies – from the Government to drive this agenda forward and maintain support from society.

“Our individual changes could make a considerable impact but it is vital that we have annual targets in place to monitor progress and demonstrate to us all that our actions are making a real difference within a coherent policy framework.  Reviewing targets after five years will simply be too late.

“London’s Climate Change Action Plan is now leading the way, setting out the need for a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2025.  Scientific research shows that this is the minimum reduction necessary to avoid a catastrophic two plus degrees rise in global temperatures but it seems the UK Government haven’t fully taken on board the warning and put our future in jeopardy.  If the capital can make the essential changes, the rest of the UK can too.”