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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Health Services At Risk Of Creeping Liberalisation

‘Our national health service is at risk from creeping liberalisation and legal uncertainty’ UK Green Euro MP Jean Lambert has warned following the European Parliament vote on a report examining the implications excluding health services from the Services Directive would have.

Although Jean Lambert has welcomed the European Parliament’s move to maintain its position, excluding health services from the scope of the Services Directive, she has slammed the failure to guarantee patients rights and the sustainability of healthcare systems.

Speaking after the vote Jean commented; “The Services Directive continues to pose more questions than it answers leaving the health service extremely vulnerable.

“We are now apparently refusing to set boundaries on the role of the market in relation to the right of member states to decide on the method, financing and scope of the health services they provide. Unless the European Parliament adopts a clear legislative framework we are actively encouraging the Court of Justice to decide what is, or is not, a medical treatment and whether or not it should be reimbursed or require prior authorisation.”

As the Rapporteur on regulations concerning social security co-ordination between EU countries, Jean Lambert continued; “The reimbursement situation is not a new system; it has been in place for over 30 years and has proved invaluable to thousands of citizens.  Its scope and workings should not be put in the hands of the Courts – but must be determined by the Parliament and Governments.”