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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Walthamstow’s Resident Green MEP Welcomes New Citizens

Walthamstow’s resident Green Euro MP, Jean Lambert, today welcomed 30 new citizens to the United Kingdom and the Borough, as the Guest of Honour together with Cllr. Afzal Akram, at Walthamstow’s 119th Citizenship Ceremony, in the Vestry House Museum.

In the last three years the Borough has presented over 7200 Certificates of Naturalisation to citizens originating from 146 different countries of birth, truly reflecting Walthamstow’s diversity.

Jean said that becoming a British citizen was an extremely significant event as each person had chosen to apply, mainly for political or family reasons. To be eligible, individuals must have been in the UK for a minimum of five years before they can even make an application.

Presenting the certificates Jean Lambert congratulated the group on their new status and said; “The UK is made up of a wide range of people of a variety of faiths, cultures and backgrounds. By becoming a British Citizen you have not only joined this diverse and inclusive community, but also that of the European Union. You can now make a positive contribution to our common future.”

During the ceremony citizens ranging from 4 – 72 years old, from 15 different countries around the world including Colombia, Albania, South Korea, Zimbabwe, Iran, South Africa, Jamaica, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Guyana, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Slovakia, New Zealand and Somalia swore an oath of allegiance or made an affirmation of allegiance before making a pledge of commitment to the crown.