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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Statement: Whittington Hospital Action Day

Jean Lambert, Green MEP for London, has pledged her support to save The Whittington Hospital’s accident and emergency department and maternity ward in a statement released to mark a special action day taking place in north London today (Thursday, March 29).

Jean said: “Closing down not only the accident and emergency department but also the maternity ward at The Whittington Hospital without offering any viable alternative would have calamitous consequences for the local community. The Whittington serves 250,000 people in the boroughs of Islington, Haringey, Barnet and Camden and to rid them of these vital services could mean journeys of four to five miles to the nearest casualty unit.

“This is simply not acceptable for any resident, and when you consider the number of elderly people and young families in the area the situation becomes even more dire.

“Despite what the other three parties say, there is an alternative to cuts in the NHS and it is the Green Party. We strongly oppose slashing spending on the NHS and stand firmly against the privatisation of the health service, viewing hospitals and health centres as vital public services not businesses.

“No closure of any north London A&E or maternity unit would be given the go ahead by the Green Party unless sufficiently tested alternatives were firmly in place. We strongly believe that fair is worth fighting for and free and universal access to health care is part of that commitment.”