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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Statement: Jean condemns Israeli attacks on aid flotilla bound for Gaza

Jean Lambert, the Green MEP for London, has called on the UK Government and EU to condemn the brutal Israeli attack on a humanitarian aid convoy to Gaza, and urged them to back an urgent inquiry.

Jean said: “I categorically condemn the deadly Israeli attack on a civilian aid convoy bound for Gaza. There are no words or actions to excuse this brutal assault on innocent volunteers. At least nine people have already lost their lives and still the number of dead and wounded is growing.

“This was an illegal attack in international waters and I urge the UK Government and EU to launch a full investigation so we can know all the facts and circumstances surrounding this tragic event and hold those responsible to account.

“I also call on the international community to push for the ongoing blockade of Gaza to be lifted. This cruel blockade ignores the human rights of over a million and a half individuals and the hundreds of brave volunteers onboard that convoy would never have been in those waters if it were not for their ongoing plight. Lessons must be learned from this terrible incident if we are ever to move forward in the peace process.”