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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Letter to The Guardian on youth unemployment

Jean letter about youth unemployment appeared in The Guardian on Friday, July 16

With 5.5 million young people under 25 out of work across the EU, youth unemployment is one of most pressing problems facing Europe today. The number of graduates chasing every job has surged to nearly 70, and the number of vacancies available is predicted to fall by 7%.
We are facing dire social and economic consequences. Young victims of the recession are more at risk of long-term social exclusion and health problems. I endorse the recommendations of a recent report from my fellow MEP Emilie Turunen. She has called for a European youth guarantee to secure the right of every young person in the EU to be offered a job, an apprenticeship or additional training after a maximum period of four months’ unemployment. With active measures and appropriate support, we can begin to turn Generation Lost into Generation Hope.

Jean Lambert MEP
Green Party