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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Green MEPs join urgent call for action over gay rights murder

Jean Lambert and Keith Taylor, the Green MEPs for London and South East England, have called for action over the killing of LGBT rights activist David Kato in Uganda.

The cross-group European Parliament resolution, which has been adopted a day ahead of the Ugandan Presidential elections tomorrow (18 February, 2011), strongly condemns the brutal murder of David Kato on January 26, and calls on the Ugandan authorities to carry out an in-depth and impartial investigation into the killing and bring the perpetrators to justice.

David’s death followed his successful Ugandan High Court case against local tabloid Rolling Stone, which in late 2010 listed the names, personal details and photographs of over a hundred people alleged to be homosexual, including David himself, inciting readers to harm them.

Jean, who is a member of the European Parliament’s Intetrgroup on LGBT Rights, said: “David Kato was a courageous, dedicated and inspiring man, who dared to stand up to the homophobic attitudes prevalent in government, in parliament, in the Church and in the media. This was bravery that ultimately cost him his life.

“From this tragic loss, this urgent resolution aims to do some good, by once again condemning the proposed Bahati Anti-Homosexuality Bill, under which homosexual acts could be punishable by the death penalty. The European parliament has called on the Ugandan Parliament to decriminalise homosexuality and to protect universal human rights for all, regardless of sexual orientation.”

Keith, who is also a member of the Intergroup on LGBT Rights, said: “It is right that today the European Parliament recognised David Kato’s brave stand against the discrimination that he, and many others, face. Crucially the resolution we passed restates the principle that any individual at risk of persecution and/or inhumane and degrading treatment, should be considered for refugee status. This principle should be remembered in the case of Ugandan lesbian Brenda Namigadde, who is appealing the decision to deport her from the UK.”


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