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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Green MEP welcomes European Parliament call for democracy in Zimbabwe

Green MEP for London, Jean Lambert, has welcomed the European Parliament’s strong backing for a resolution calling on the Zimbabwean government to deliver genuine democracy and human rights to its people.

The resolution, which gained cross-group support, condemns the resurgence of violence and intimidation in the country, which has led to the arbitrary arrests of human rights and political activists, and calls upon the Southern African community to do all it can in paving the way for free and fair elections.

Speaking after the vote, Jean said: “I believe that a genuine political process, inclusive of all parties that renounce violence and with free and fair elections, is the only way to achieve long term peace, stability and prosperity for Zimbabwe.  Whilst I welcome the economic progress that has been made since 2008, this has sadly not been matched in critically important areas such as democratic reforms and human rights.”

“The European Union and its Member States must take a firm stand against what is happening.  We should continue to exercise what possible influence we can on the Zimbabwean government to ensure it complies with its legal obligations under international human rights treaties.”