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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Letter: AV referendum

Jean has sent the following letter to the London press to highlight the upcoming AV referendum on 5th May:

Dear Editor,

Britain goes to the polls on the 5th of May to decide on whether to replace the unjust and outdated First-Past-The-Post system with the Alternative Vote.

Under the proposed change, AV will give people the chance to vote positively for candidates in order of preference, giving voters a greater say in who becomes their MP.  This will mean fewer safe seats and a true break from the stranglehold of ‘two horse races’ in constituencies where a small minority of swing voters hold disproportionate power in determining the outcome.

AV will also make MPs work harder to earn, and keep, your support. Under the system, the winner will have to obtain the support of at least half the voters unlike the current system which has resulted in just one in three MPs claiming the majority of votes – a record low.

This is your opportunity to vote for a system which will help change British politics.  People must have the right to vote positively for what they really want and have their voice heard.  I urge you to vote ‘Yes’ in the referendum and help change Britain for the better.

Yours sincerely,

Jean Lambert MEP
Green MEP for London