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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Proposed legislation will fail to ensure EU meets energy saving target

The European Commission today presented its proposals for an energy saving directive. The Greens criticised the lack of ambition in the proposals, which will make it difficult for the EU to achieve its target of reducing energy consumption 20% by 2020. Commenting on the proposals, Green energy spokesperson Jean Lambert said:

“The proposed directive contains too many loopholes to ensure the EU can meet its 20% energy savings target. Clearly, the absence of binding national targets, which have been postponed to 2014, is the biggest deficiency but there are other crucial gaps in the proposals.

“While the directive sets out how to implement the 3% annual target for retrofitting public buildings to improve their energy performance, this target too has been weakened by loopholes. It will only apply to buildings above 250 m² and only to buildings owned by public authorities, thus excluding all buildings used by public authorities, which are leased. We are wasting work opportunities as well as energy!

The EP and progressive governments will now have to work hard to add flesh to the skeleton EU Commission has proposed today.”