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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Letter: Pride London

Jean has sent the following letter to London newspapers to mark Pride London.

Dear Editor,

What do Transport for London and Islington and Tower Hamlets Council have in common?  All three are named among the top 20 gay-friendly employers in the UK by Stonewall, the gay rights charity.

It’s a great achievement to be specially recognised as one of the very best for fighting prejudice and developing inclusive workplaces.  These organisations have set a fine example for London, truly one of the most diverse and tolerant cities in the world.

Whilst great progress has been made in tackling the oppression and discrimination that the LGBT community faces in society – progress that capitals around the world should aspire to – homophobia remains a shameful fact of life.  In the West End alone, homophobic crime increased by 20 per cent during 2010.  We must not be complacent in tackling these hateful atrocities.

With Pride celebrations just around the corner, it is timely to renew our pledge to continue the fight for true LGBT equality in the capital.  Only when this is won can we be truly proud.

Jean Lambert MEP