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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Letter: Pack your European Health Insurance Card this summer

Jean has sent the following letter to London papers reminding holiday makers to pack their European Health Insurance Card.

Dear Editor,

In 2010 over 43 million trips were made by British residents to the EU.  With the holiday season now here, I want to remind Londoners to pack their European Health Insurance Card alongside the sunscreen and beach towel for a peaceful stay abroad.

A jellyfish sting, an allergic reaction, a broken leg or a more serious injury or illness can suddenly turn that much longed-for holiday into a nightmare.  Coping with the immediate problem is hard enough. Dealing with an unfamiliar healthcare system and the additional costs of an emergency can make things even more difficult.

Carrying a free European Health Insurance Card gives British holiday makers access to any medical treatment that becomes necessary during their holiday free of charge or at the local rate, most of which can be claimed back. With the card, you are entitled to the same level of healthcare as a citizen of the country you’re in, ensuring you are protected should the worst happen. 

The card is absolutely free and easy to apply for – just visit the Department of Health website or pick up a form from your local post office.  Make sure your holiday is a happy and healthy one.

Yours Sincerely,

Jean Lambert
Green MEP for London