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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Jean Lambert MEP calls for greater awareness of worldwide plight of girls

Green MEP for London, Jean Lambert has given her support to a written declaration calling for greater awareness of the plight faced by girls and young women in Europe and around the world.

The declaration calls upon the UN to inaugurate the 22nd September as the International Day of the Girl, and formed part of a series of events held in the European Parliament this week to mark the European Week of Action for Girls.

The week was co-hosted by the World Association of Girl Guides and Girls Scouts and Plan Europe, whose latest report, ‘Because I am a Girl’, concludes that the majority of girls and young women across the world face discrimination and often violence and exclusion.

Jean, a member of the European Parliament committee on Civil Liberties, said: “It is a shameful fact of life that girls and young women are routinely discriminated against and excluded from public life in many places.  They are less protected by social and economic systems and disproportionally affected by the brutal public spending cuts taking place round the world. There are still difficulties for girls to access and remain in education, which affects their whole life changes.

“An International Day of the Girl would help to ensure that girls and women receive the investment and recognition they deserve as citizens in their own right and as powerful agents of change.  I urge the UN to make this day a reality without delay.”