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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Which countries will win the Green Race? Find out with this fun and interactive game from the Green/EFA Group.

Find out which countries are really on course to win the green technology race with this fun and informative game from the Greens/EFA Group.

On November 9th 2011, the Greens/EFA group organised the event “The Green Race to Durban and Beyond” to prepare for the upcoming Durban climate change summit. This event is a key-note debate on comparability, competitiveness and compatibility of climate actions around the world.

In parallel to the Green Race Event, the Green Race Web-tool has been developed as an informative and interactive website to further communicate what is being done to spur the development of green technologies. In the next ten years, clean energy investments could reach $2.3 trillion. The countries that succeed in attracting these investments will gain both the environmental and economic benefits of harnessing energy from renewable sources.

The Green Race will see the transition of an economy based on coal to one run on wind, solar and hydropower. The winners will be those countries that have ambitious climate policies, invest in research and development of green technologies and create an attractive investment climate where innovative companies can get their hands on sufficient capital to get their businesses off theground.

The objective of the game is to show the current state of play in the Green Race by concentrating on products and technologies of the energy revolution which will be – or already are – part of international competition. The objective is to show where the key markets are and which countries have already taken the lead on these innovative technologies.

Since the Green Race is still going on in full speed, the decisions that are taken today by Member States as well as the EU can influence the outcome of the race. Raising the EU’s climate target to 30% CO2 emissions by 2020 and setting ambitious targets for the medium and longterm would certainly boost investments in green technologies and could bring the EU to the forefront of the Green Race again.

Points are thus given to countries investing in clean technologies and using public funding for R&D for renewable energies,and whose companies own clean energy technologies and largemarket shares globally.

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