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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Referral to ECJ hopefully a nail in the ACTA coffin, says Green MEP

Green MEP for London, Jean Lambert has today welcomed the news that the European Commission is to refer the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement to the European Court of Justice to verify its compatibility with EU law.

Jean, alongside her Green/EFA colleagues in the European Parliament, has long argued that ACTA is in conflict with EU legislation and has welcomed the announcement as an important step to ensuring ACTA does not come into force in Europe.

Jean said: “The decision to refer ACTA to the ECJ is hopefully a nail in the coffin of this far-reaching and unnecessary agreement.  The Greens have long called for this referral, and as such, welcome this overdue decision as an important step to ensuring ACTA does not come into force in Europe. The agreement should have never been concluded in the first place, given the serious concerns about its provisions and the shadowy negotiation process, but the Commission has at least done the right thing in referring ACTA to the Court of Justice.

“ACTA would block the much-needed reform of EU copyright law and instead lead to a heavy handed and repressive enforcement of copyright with no regards to the basic rights of citizens.  EU legislation on copyright needs to be urgently reformed to take account of the changed environment of the information society but this will require a broad and inclusive consultation.  The Greens will push to ensure the Commission engages in an inclusive and fundamental reform.”