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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Making Tracks: Greater protection for Europe’s cattle and sheep

The EU already has specific legislation on welfare standards for pigs, laying hens, chickens and calves, yet the Directive, which concerns the protection of farm animals, does not extend the same level of protection to either cattle or sheep.

The inadequacy of the current law has resulted in the widespread abuse of animal rights across Europe, with painful practices such as tail-docking and castration going unregulated in sheep and cattle farming to the extent that these procedures are often carried out with out anaesthetic.   The failure to provide for the specific concerns of dairy cows has also led to a prevelence of distressing health problems, including lameness and mastitis.

Jean and Keith have called on the European Commission to introduce species specific animal welfare legislation for both sheep and cattle to ensure that all of Europe’s farm animals receive the higgest possible level of protection.

This article is taken from Making Tracks’, a newsletter from the UK’s Green MEPs about their work on animal rights. To receive a copy by email or post please email