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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Statement: Increased EU funding for victims of Bangladesh floods

The European Union has today announced that it is to provide an additional €4 million to the people of Bangladesh affected by the monsoon floods and landslides which hit the south-eastern part of the country in June 2012.

Jean Lambert, Green MEP for London and Chair of the European Parliament South Asia Delegation, said: “I welcome the news that the European Union is boosting its aid package to help those vulnerable communities who were left with so little after the devastating floods this summer.  Bangladesh may now have slipped out of the headlines but the problems the country is facing as a result of this crisis have not gone away.

“I have been encouraged by the work of the Bangladeshi Government and international aid organisations in helping to alleviate the suffering of the millions of people affected by this tragedy, and I know that the new EU aid package will further assist the large-scale reconstruction process.  This money is essential in helping to meet the basic humanitarian needs of those who lost their homes and livelihoods, as well as providing them with the tools they need to support themselves.

“Just a few months ago, this extraordinary disaster drew the world’s attention to the particular threats South Asia is facing in view of extreme weather conditions linked to climate change.  It is important that this attention does not wane, and we must now focus on adaptation measures and disaster preparedness to help achieve long-term stability for the people of Bangladesh.”