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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

EU must suspend preferential trade deal with Israel, MEP tells Gaza demo

The EU must immediately suspend its trade deal with Israel – the EU-Israel Association Agreement – until there is a effective ceasefire in Gaza, London MEP Jean Lambert has argued.

The recent escalation in hostilities from both sides of the conflict, which have seen almost 70 people killed – including children – and many hundreds more – including journalists – injured, mocks international human rights standards, she said.

“The EU must use all the lawful and peaceful means at its disposal to to try to stop the killing and guarantee the human rights of all living in Palestine and Israel,” Ms Lambert said.

“It must immediately suspend Israel’s preferential trade deal with the EU, by invoking its clause requiring both parties to the agreement to respect international human rights law – and explore other means of using trade negotiations to try to prevent and future violence and bringing both Israel and a viable Palestinian state into the international community.

“Further, we must declare an immediate arms embargo to stop the flow of weapons into both Israel and Gaza.”

She made her comments at a demonstration against the recent escalation in violence – which has seen more than 1,000 Israeli attacks on Gaza in the last four days.