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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

Over 100,000 older EU citizens living in London, MEP tells Age UK conference

THERE are over 100,000 ‘older’ EU citizens living in London, according to the capital’s Green MEP.

Speaking at a conference entitled ‘Invisible communities: Working with older people from Europe and beyond’ and organised by Age UK and King’s College London, Ms Lambert said: “There is a need for clear and accurate information so that people can make the appropriate choices and ensure they know, for example, how to access their full pension entitlements from EU countries where they have lived and worked.
“Latest census data show there are more than 100,000 older Europeans from outside the UK living in London alone – and we know very little about them or their needs.

“As we move towards personalisation of social care for older people it’s vital that everyone living in the capital gets the help they need to access all the care to which they are entitled to enable them to live in dignity.

“That means making migrants a little less invisible – and ensuring Government cuts aren’t eroding social care budgets at exactly the time more investment is needed to tackle the isolation and language issues preventing some older migrants from getting the care they need.”

Ms Lambert made her comments as she address more than 100 London social workers and older activists at the conference, alongside a range of academics and social care bosses, trying to answer the question: ‘Does London work for older Europeans?’

She added: “This year is the Year of the EU Citizen, a concerted effort to ensure that all EU citizens, whether French living in London or Londoners living in Spain, are aware of their rights and know how to claim them.”