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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

EU membership and migration ‘good for London business’, says London Chamber of Commerce

LONDON MEP Jean Lambert has welcomed a new report from the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) which says an exit from the EU would be bad for London’s business interests.

The report  argues that restrictions on EU migration would result in a skills shortage in the capital, and that the majority of its members welcome continued membership of the EU – but are calling for reform.

Ms Lambert, a Green MEP who sits on the European Parliament’s Employment and Social Affair Committee, said:

“More than a million Londoners were born in other EU countries – and mostly they have come here not just to enjoy their rights and freedoms to do so but to earn a decent living and contribute to the British economy.

“As this report from LCCI makes clear, many British firms just couldn’t function without access to EU markets and employees who were born outside the UK.

“It is important that all politicians take note of its findings, especially those Tory ministers who have this week added their names to calls for the UK to leave the EU, and that we adopt policies to ensure all migrants are treated fairly and are helped to access their rights to benefits, employment, housing, schooling and healthcare when they arrive, just as British citizens would hope for should they move to another country in the EU.”