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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

MEP accuses Russia of double standards on international law

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EURO-MP Jean Lambert has accused Russian president Vladimir Putin of hypocrisy over International Law by defending Syria’s territorial integrity while presiding over recent human rights abuses and the erosion of the rule of law, both of which breach the Council of Europe Charter.

Making her comments as world leaders met for this week’s G20 Summit in St Petersburg, London’s Green MEP said she welcomed Russia’s respect for international law over Syria but feared it represented a double standard.

Ms Lambert said: “Myself and a number of MEPs are increasingly concerned at the state-sanctioned closure of NGOs and violence against minorities being caused directly by laws restricting human rights in Russia.

“While I welcome Vladimir Putin’s claim to respect international law when it comes to an attack on Syria he must have the same respect for the rule of law – and human rights – at home.”

Ms Lambert called on the EU to raise the issue formally, and on the Council of Europe to take action against an apparent breach of Russia’s commitment to grant all its citizens the protection of the rule of law.