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Jean Lambert London's Green MEP

London MEP slams Cameron over environment following climate report

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EURO-MP Jean Lambert has slammed David Cameron’s claim to lead ‘the greenest Government ever’ after the latest report by the world’s leading climate scientists warned that runaway climate change fuelled by carbon dioxide emissions is a real possibility.

The Green MEP said the Government’s claim to be the greenest ever was ‘little more than hot air’.

“Cameron has been very good at talking the talk – agreeing, for example, that the UK should reduce its carbon emissions by 80% by 2050 – but awful at walking the walk and establishing both the policies and follow-up measures to ensure emissions actually fall,” said Ms Lambert.

“Put simply, the latest report published today by the IPCC (1), implies that that we must drastically cut emissions now – not in 2050.

“We need to stop burning fossil fuels – and simply leave them in the ground. Instead we must move towards a zero-carbon economy: of course it’s feasible – if Germany can plan and act on this, we can.

“Banning fracking and massively increasing spending on renewable energy production and energy efficiency would be a good start: it’s just a question of political will.”